May 202016

Sanzu-Heavy Over the Home reissue


Australia’s Sanzu have garnered quite a bit of praise at our site (and just about everywhere else you might care to look within metaldom). Andy Synn proclaimed their 2015 EP Painless “one of the best releases I’ve heard this year… aggressive and abrasive, designed for maximum killing capacity”, and then heaped more praise on the band’s debut full-length Heavy Over the Home: “The overall package provides one of the heaviest, deepest, and most intimately rewarding (not to mention crushing) listening experiences I’ve had all year. Let’s hear it for Sanzu… the undisputed masters of southern hemisphere hydro-groove.”

Both the EP and the album were initially self-released, but now Listenable Records is re-releasing the music worldwide on CD and limited-edition orange vinyl. This new edition bears the title of the album — Heavy Over the Home — but includes the Painless EP as bonus tracks. As icing on the cake, the reissue edition comes with a revised version (above) of the eye-catching and memorable cover art that adorned the original. And we’ve got a stream of all the songs below.


Sanzu 2016


For people who are already fans of Sanzu and have wished for physical copies of their releases, this fills that need in fine form. And for those who may not have previously explored their brand of crushing death metal power, this provides an opportunity to make up for lost time.

The new edition of Heavy Over the Home became available in Europe on May 13 and will be released in North America on May 20. Preorders are currently available HERE. Listen below….

Heavy Over The Home Track Listing:
1. Old Orchard Floor
2. Phenomena
3. Ubiety
4. Tailor
5. Those Who Sleep In The East
6. Awaken
7. Heavy Over The Home
8. The Chill
9. Loss
10. Colourblind
11. 18 Days Of Rain *
12. For All *
13. Defamer *
14. Variant Red *
15. Lunar Crush *


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