May 202016

Perihelion-Hold video


I hope that most visitors here have realized by now that our site’s name is not entirely serious and not entirely impervious to the attractions of clean singing. But we are at least partially serious: Given our own prejudices and predilections, exceptional music is necessary for us to make exceptions to our “rule” — and Perihelion have earned a permanent pass.

Last year I wrote frequently about the wonders of Zeng, the remarkable 2015 album by this Hungarian band. We had the pleasure of premiering a song from the album (“Vég se hozza el”) and named a different one (“Égrengető”) to our list of last year’s Most Infectious Metal Songs. And now Apathia Records has brought us a new Perihelion EP named Hold that is a marvel in its own right — with a song transformed into an even more wondrous experience by the video we’re premiering today: “Feneketlen“.




The video was created by Norbert Porkolab of Bad Moon Films. It’s a strange and intense visual experience, made of human faces, young and old; emaciated bodies and knitting needles; blood and flowers; rapiers and petals; the thrust and lunge of swordsmen and leaping dancers; the striving of people to keep their heads above water and the force that tries to sink them.

If you watched the video without sound, I think you would still be gripped by it. But when joined with the music, the montage of sights achieves a more intense kind of resonance, because the music is itself so anguished and moving — and in turn the imagery intensifies the music’s emotionally devastating effect.

And to return to where I began, the flaming heart of “Feneketlen” beats in the singing of Perihelion’s remarkable vocalist Gyula Vasvári. He gives this gripping song the kind of passion, potency, and anguished majesty that fans of extreme metal — or any music — ought to appreciate.

Hold is available for order from Apathia Records here:

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  1. Really liked this song — it reminded me a bit of the atmosphere Solstafir is so good at crafting.

    The video, on the other hand, made me feel a bit like crawling under a blanket with a high-powered flashlight and staying awake until dawn, because that shit was creepy.

  2. Wow, I really dig this. I somehow missed your earlier articles on the band (or maybe their other music didn’t stand out to me), but this deserves further investigation. This track in particular reminded me of Agent Fresco, not so much for its sound, though there are similarities to draw in the vocals, but more for its brevity. There’s power in the ability to write three-minutes-or-less little prog gems.

  3. Damn, that video was spectacular. And the song really does have a Solstafir vibe – deeply passionate and emotional, yet also trance-like somehow. Absolutely stunning.

  4. Awesome video, really makes me wonder what he’s singing about. There’s passion in it for sure.

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