Jun 162016

Carnage Inc-Fury Incarnate


In a day at our site filled with premieres, we have one more left, and it comes from a band based in Mumbai, India, named Carnage Inc. The name of the song is “Defiled” and it comes from the band’s new EP, Fury Incarnate. To introduce what you’re about to hear, we’ll begin with some words from the band:

“We’ve been working on this material since last year. Each song was created with one riff followed by some intense jams and bouncing off ideas. If you love bands like Kreator, Exodus, Slayer, Metallica, you will really find our music reminding you a little of them, yet sounding quite different. You can say our sound is 50% Bay Area thrash, 25% Mumbai attitude, 20% rage, and 5% alcohol”.


Carnage Inc. bandpic


Yes, I know, you’re probably disappointed in the low alcohol content. But Carnage Inc. more than make up for that, because the other ingredients are blended in a way that delivers a powerful buzz.

The songs on the EP are not all alike, and that’s part of the fun. Focusing on “Defiled”, it’s a high-energy barrage, with a thundering rhythm section anchoring some very catchy and seriously vicious riffs. But as you’ll discover, there’s a lot of dynamic movement and atmospheric melody in the song, as well as a pair of eye-opening solos, one haunting and one flame-throwing, and full-throttle vocals as well.

Fury Incarnate will be released on August 1 via Transcending Obscurity Distribution, and you can pre-order it as a digital download or on CD here:


Listen to “Defiled” below, and then check out the album teaser that follows it.





  1. Awesome track, a neck snapper that reminds me a bit of early Merciless Death 🙂

  2. Woah! That was clearly unprecedented! And the Indian influence shows itself up in the melody. great stuff!

  3. Our guitarist has a lot of the Indian melody going on. Keep thrashing and do buy the EP if you dig it – http://tometal.com/carnage-inc-announce-new-release-transcending-obscurity-distribution/

  4. Pretty good. I added them on Facebook. Hails from Florida.

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