Jun 172016

Orphalis-The Birth of Infinity


Orphalis hit the death metal scene in Germany in 2010 and since then have released a debut EP (2011’s Watchmaker Analogy) and a debut album (2012’s Human Individual Metamorphosis). On August 12, the band will return with their second album, The Birth of Infinity, and we have for you the premiere of a lyric video for one of the new songs: “Encased In A Higher Intellect“.

So that you might prepare yourself for what you’re about to receive, we will disclose that Orphalis are highly adept at delivering a very stimulating beating.


Orphalis band


“Encased In A Higher Intellect” is in part a brutal barrage of skeleton-mangling grooves, executed through high-caliber, militaristic drum-and-bass fusillades and hard-slugging, near-atonal riffs — all delivered at a jet-fueled pace.  And while the rest of the band are very effectively cracking skulls and splintering spines, the vocalists are delivering their own assaults through a tandem of guttural savagery and skin-scraping shrieks.

But as we mentioned, this is also a stimulating beating. Along with the high-impact brutality, “Encased In A Higher Intellect” is laced with flashing swarms of demented guitar arpeggios, discordant chords, bleak melodic motifs, and rapid rhythmic changes. In a nutshell, this is super-charged technical death metal capable of putting your brain in a centrifuge and whipping it around until it liquifies.


The Birth of Infinity will be released by Amputated Vein on August 12. To pre-order, visit these locations:




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