Aug 022016

Orphalis-The Birth of Infinity


In mid-June we had the pleasure of bringing you the premiere of a lyric video for a track called “Encased In A Higher Intellect” by the German band Orphalis from their second album The Birth of Infinity, which will be released by Amputated Vein Records later this month. Today we bring you a first listen for another song from the album, this one named “Reshaping the Omnipresence“.

For those of you who haven’t yet encountered Orphalis, they execute a particularly brutal form of technical death metal that’s both electrifying and bludgeoning. And those talents are on full display in this adrenaline-triggering new song. Continue reading »

Jul 202016

Heaven Shall Burn-Wanderer


In yesterday’s Part 1 of this large round-up, I said I would post Part 2 later the same day. Someday I will learn that part-time metal bloggers who have actual paying jobs and/or families who occasionally need their attention should not make forecasts of what they plan to do on the blog. Not even what they think they will accomplish later the same day, or even in the next hour. That’s just laying the groundwork for stepping on your own crank, so to speak.

Anyway, here’s Part 2, which unlike yesterday focuses on new or newish music that I wanted to recommend rather than simply announcements. One silver lining to the delay is that it enabled me to add the first item in this collection, which appeared late yesterday.


Our small band of beleaguered writers at NCS includes some ardent (perhaps even slavish) fans of Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn. I count my own self on the slavish end of the spectrum. And so yesterday was a banner day, because… Continue reading »

Jun 172016

Orphalis-The Birth of Infinity


Orphalis hit the death metal scene in Germany in 2010 and since then have released a debut EP (2011’s Watchmaker Analogy) and a debut album (2012’s Human Individual Metamorphosis). On August 12, the band will return with their second album, The Birth of Infinity, and we have for you the premiere of a lyric video for one of the new songs: “Encased In A Higher Intellect“.

So that you might prepare yourself for what you’re about to receive, we will disclose that Orphalis are highly adept at delivering a very stimulating beating. Continue reading »