Aug 022016

Orphalis-The Birth of Infinity


In mid-June we had the pleasure of bringing you the premiere of a lyric video for a track called “Encased In A Higher Intellect” by the German band Orphalis from their second album The Birth of Infinity, which will be released by Amputated Vein Records later this month. Today we bring you a first listen for another song from the album, this one named “Reshaping the Omnipresence“.

For those of you who haven’t yet encountered Orphalis, they execute a particularly brutal form of technical death metal that’s both electrifying and bludgeoning. And those talents are on full display in this adrenaline-triggering new song.


Orphalis band


In “Reshaping the Omnipresence”,  Orphalis are moving at Formula One speeds from start to finish, with a hi-octane barrage of rapid-fire riffs and furious drum and bass work capable of rendering normal human flesh into mincemeat. Accompanied by deep gutturals and blood-curdling shrieks, the song discharges flying fretwork galore, segmented by head-battering grooves. It’s machine-precise, but displays the savagery of a bestial predator. When you press play, prepare to be rocketed through a death metal particle accelerator.


The Birth of Infinity will be released by Amputated Vein on August 12. To pre-order, visit these locations:

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  1. I just cant get into this style anymore. As hard as I try it just doesn’t do anything for me and none of these bands seem to push the boundaries or try to think outside of the box to set themselves apart. It reminds me of listening to those old typewriters from back in the day but more like a room full of them…lol. Talented musicians in a bland sub genre.

    • My thoughts exactly. I don’t mind the embedded track but this isn’t something I’ll still be spinning months from now

  2. I fine myself saying that about a lot tech death lately. It used to be my favorite subgenre, but now it’s just been done to death.

  3. I like em, but im not a pussy either….

  4. The album cover says technical death metal (which I like in general). But then i listened to the song and I say it is firmly rooted in death metal to my senses, with actually minimal tech influences. Great death metal song! I will check these guys out.

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