Jun 302016

Maryland Deathfest XV first poster


About 20 minutes ago the organizers of America’s finest metal festival announced the initial slate of bands confirmed to appear at next year’s installment of the festival — Maryland Deathfest XV. And here’s the list, pasted from MDF’s Facebook announcement:

Acid King
Akercocke (UK) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Behexen (Finland) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Decrepit Birth
In The Woods… (Norway) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Iron Lung
Morbid Angel (with Trey Azagthoth and Steve Tucker)
Nordjevel (Norway)
Sargeist (Finland) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Terrorizer (World Downfall set)

There are a lot of very exciting names on this list, including the appearance of some recently revived and justly hallowed names (Akercocke and In the Woods…); some A-grade black metal bands (Behexen, Nightbringer, Nordjevel, and Sargeist); seminal and venerable groups such as Macabre, Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, and Autopsy; the resurgence of Decrepit Birth; and… well, you get the idea: I’m already highly stoked.

The Facebook post announcing this first group of confirmed bands also included this important piece of information:

“A limited amount of early bird (4-day) passes go on sale today at 11 am EST. If you don’t get one of these before they sell out, more 4-day passes will be released at a later date.”

The early-bird sale starts here:




  1. Who else is in Morbid Angel, then? I might make the trip over from sunny Nottingham just to watch Akercocke; I’m going to four gigs of their here in England so I might has well fanboy it up properly.

  2. Maybe this will be my year. Definitely don’t have the forecasting ability to buy an early bird ticket though.

  3. Sweet line-up! I’m looking forward to the next Morbid Angel album and finding out who they’re going to have on drums and second guitar.

  4. Behexen, Sargeist and Kerasphorus?…Yeah, Im in on that shit

  5. That’s a pretty fantastic lineup of bands who will invariably cancel or drop off in the next eleven months. Bought tickets to see Sargeist and Behexen? Don’t worry, you’ll love a quadruple set by Weekend Nachos just as much

    • That only happens if your band is named Sodom or Destroyer 666

      • Or Inverloch :-/

        • Inverloch dropped off this year (which completely sucked, I agree)…D666 has dropped off every time they were scheduled to play MDF and Sodom has canceled pretty much every U.S. tour theyve scheduled in the last 25 years including all their MDF appearances

  6. Sold out already … how much were they?

    I’d love to jump on an early offer and commit to four days, but can’t possibly plan that far ahead. I may just end up catching some of these bands at my friendly local neighborhood metal bar the weekend before or after.

    • early bird 4-days are about $60.00 less than the regular 4-day pass that goes up later…They usually only have a small amount for sale so they go really fast

      • Thanks! Good to know.

      • And speaking of going fast, I jumped on today’s sale as soon as it went live, and then when I began the checkout process, the Eventbright page froze, and when I finally refreshed it in frustration, all the tickets had sold out. Happened in less than 2 minutes after thy went on sale.

  7. Great lineup,we need more shit like this in OZ,BTW I though Usurper were split up years ago.

  8. Nightbringer! Sweet! Hopefully they’ll play Ram’s Head.

  9. Does the “Exclusive U.S. appearance” mean the bands are contracted not to make other gigs?

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