Jul 122016

Defeated Sanity-Disposal of the Dead


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new song from the new two-part album by Germany’s Defeated Sanity.)

Legendary German brutal/technical death metal unit Defeated Sanity need no lengthy introduction at this point; the band have long since proven their craft over a span of many years, over time growing more sophisticated and refined with each release. Their career so far has culminated in their upcoming release, Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata, which the band have dubbed a “split with themselves”– an assertion that rings true, if you give me a moment to explain.

The first half of the album is a tried-and-true slab of crushing Defeated Sanity tunes as they normally sound, albeit a bit more stripped-down at some points — but I dig it. Then, the second half is the band experimenting with tracks that are inspired by, and pay homage to, old-school progressive death metal sounds of old, such as Cynic, Death, and Atheist. For these tracks, the band recruited Max Phelps (vocalist/guitarist for Exist, and a live performer with both Cynic and Death To All) to perform his similar-to-Chuck-Schuldiner screams over-top these songs.


Defeated Sanity-Dharmata


The song we are premiering today, “The Quest For Non-Existence”, comes from the old-school and prog-death-metal-influenced half of the record, and might come as a surprise to anyone expecting the ravenous sound they usually hear Defeated Sanity churn out. There’s a lot of fun to be had throughout the song, in all its thrashing and proggy old-school-channeling glory. This is Defeated Sanity like you’ve never heard them before, and it’s an experiment that definitely works in spite of sounding surprising on paper.

If you like what you hear, Disposal Of The Dead// Dharmata comes out on July 22nd through Willowtip Records. Here’s the track list:

1 Remotio Mortuorum 2:00
2 Into the Soil 4:06
3 Consuming Grief 3:21
4 Generosity of the Deceased 3:50
5 Suttee 2:53
6 The Bell 4:15
7 Dharmata 1:06
8 The Mesmerizing Light 6:45
9 At One with Wrath 5:14
10 The Quest for Non-Existence 5:39
11 Return to Samsara 8:40
Total runtime 47:49

You can pre-order the album here:


And below our premiere, we’ve included all of the other previously released tracks from the new album.







  1. Glad I pre ordered the album.

  2. Nice! I wasn’t even aware they had a new album!

  3. The Dharmata side of this sounds magnificent – they might as well have imported the Human-era lineup of Death from the past.

  4. Give me brutal guttural slams. Flush the “Focus” prog death shite.

  5. Defeated Sanity can do no wrong in my books! These tracks all sound stellar, super stoked!!

  6. what in the actual fuck. ive been into every song from either side of the “split” so far and even toyed with the idea of doing the preorder but that cowbell in “at one with wrath” gave me serious pause. So i decided to wait for one more song from the “Dharmata” side and what do we get? more cowbell!? god dammit. am i alone here? the unfocused wankery helps ruin it for me too. oh well

  7. Im impressed with what they are doing on Dharmata, but holy christ… I just love the caveman ignorance of Disposal of the Dead. Like… “Fuck you, we riff now.”
    Dharmata is all “Oh yeah, we can do this too.”

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