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Daedalvs are a four-man death metal band from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose debut EP Apotheosis is being released today via Bandcamp, and we’re helping spread the word by providing a full stream of the EP, and a few thoughts about the music.

What Daedalvs dish out is a mammoth, monstrous, skull-fracturing beatdown, a rumbling, crushing avalanche of booming jackhammering bass, clobbering atonal riffs, and thundering drums, overlaid with an effusion of harsh roars and wild, acid-spraying shrieks. But while the music’s brute-force physical impact is certainly one of its main calling cards, it’s not the only one.


Daedalvs 2016-photo by Kevin Daniels


The songs are also laced with eerie, dissonant, tension-ratcheting guitar arpeggios that shroud the music in an atmosphere that brings to mind a spreading miasma of unearthly pestilence. Swarming tremolo chords give the songs a seething, blackened energy, and slow, serpentine melodies with an exotic air also surface, lending a bleak, dreamlike aspect to this bone-splintering demolition job.

Apotheosis also includes an instrumental track — “Synthetic Degradation” — that happens to be one of the strongest pieces on the EP.

To grab this EP for yourself, hop over to Bandcamp via the first link below.



  1. “God Machine” is killer, I’m definitely giving the rest of the tracks a listen 🙂

  2. Fucking awesome album. Heavy heavy. I really dig the diverse vocals. Whats up with the band name though–weird name.

  3. Holy shit–just listened to it again–it gets even better with each listen! There is a lot going on in this album. There is death, technical death, and black metal–mixed superbly. I think this might get on my album of the year list.

  4. This is badass, sounds like chelsea grin! Thanks!

  5. Fucking awesome!

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