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On September 9 the Portuguese death metal band Colosso will release their second album under the title Obnoxious, which refers not to the sound of the music but to the lyrical focus of the songs — “the extreme void of society, a black hole created by egos, profit and chaos.” Today we have for you the debut of a lyric video for the album’s second track, “The Unrepentant“.

By way of biographical history, Colosso burst upon the scene with a 2012 debut album called Abrasive Peace at a time when Colosso was the solo project of Max Tomé (with drums performed on the album by the esteemed Dirk Verbeuren). By the time of Colosso’s second release, the Thallium EP, Tomé had recruited a full band, and they followed Thallium with a 7″ double-single named Foregone Semblances in 2014.

And still the band’s sound continues to evolve, as reflected on the new album, with more progressive and experimental elements in the music. But as you’ll hear in the video we’re premiering, ferocity is very much a leading ingredient as well.


Colosso band


Imagine the combined, coordinated sounds of a giant threshing machine applying its ministrations to a packed mass of fleeing bodies, a titanic rock crusher operating at tumultuous speed in a smoking quarry, and swarms of mechanical xenomorphs at war in an uncomfortably near-Earth orbit. That’s the kind of imagery that springs to mind once “The Unrepentant” leaps forward.

The song is driven hard by a pneumatic percussive storm that provides the rhythmic underpinning for a nimble offering of slicing, dicing, jabbing, and slashing riffs, with the music segmented by booming grooves and dissonant guitar derangement. All the while, the vocalist vents his raw, howling extremity, becoming even more inflamed as the song reaches its crescendo.

Colosso don’t overstay their welcome on this track — it’s short, savage, and to-the-point (and it’s also damned catchy).


Obnoxious was recorded at Stone Sound Studio in Portugal; it was mixed by guitarist Max Tomé; and it was mastered by Aaron Smith (Jeff Loomis, 7 Horns 7 Eyes).

As noted above, the album will be released on September 9 and it’s available for pre-order via the Bandcamp link below. Two other songs from the album have premiered previously (at Decibel and Loud! Magazine), and you can check out both of those via the Bandcamp player below the video. Enjoy!




  1. That embedded track is so killer. Big impact.

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