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Last fall we had the pleasure of premiering Godless Shrine of Decay, an album-length compilation of music by the Brazilian death metal band Escarnium. Godless Shrine was released by Redefining Darkness Records to pave the way for the band’s new album, which has now been set for release on October 14 by Redefining Darkness in North America and Testimony Records in Europe. The name of the new album is Interitus, and today we bring you the debut of its ninth track, “100 Days of Bloodbath”.

Since the band’s founding in 2008, they’ve released one previous full-length, 2012’s Excruciating Existence, and a handful of shorter offerings. As a retrospective, Godless Shrine of Decay documented the maturation of this band over time into a group of ravagers with a knack for writing and executing songs of soul-plundering savagery and relentless ruthlessness. As evidenced by this new song and album, they have developed a truly impressive, sure-handed mastery of evil, primal, old school death metal.


Escarnium band photo
Photo by Nestor Carrera


That “old school death metal” label isn’t a terribly precise one, since there are multiple old schools whose curriculums are still being learned and taught today. In Escarnium’s case, the music has stylistic ties to the likes of Vital Remains, Incantation, and Immolation, along with nods to the progenitors of old school Swedish death metal.

100 Days of Bloodbath” is a death-dealing melee that’s authentically evil and morbid. It also delivers punishing, head-wrecking grooves and melodies that are catchy as well as grisly. The band mount this romping, rampaging assault with whirring, flesh-ripping, bone-splintering riffs and drumwork that inflicts pummeling body blows, and the harrowing, howling vocals amplify the song’s barbaric savagery.

As icing on the cake, there are two stand-out solos in the song — one that’s serpentine and melodic (and gets its hooks in the head immediately) and another that’s pure, white-hot hellfire.


Interitus was mixed and mastered by John Bart Van Der Wal (Aborted) at Hewwetover Studios in the Netherlands. It features cover art and booklet illustrations by Hugo Silva.

Interitus will be jointly released by Redefining Darkness Records in North America and by Testimony Records in Europe. Here’s the full track list (note that the album version of the song we’re premiering includes an introduction that extends the song’s length):

1. The Horror (0:25)
2. While The Furnace Burns (3:43)
3. Starvation Death Process (6:12)
4. Radioactive Doom (3:01)
5. Omnis Mortuus Est – Interitus (5:30)
6. Macabre Rites (0:50)
7. Genocide Ritual (3:20)
8. The Gray Kingdom (6:12)
9. 100 Days Of Blood (4:27)
10. Human Waste (4:21)

The album is available for pre-order at these locations:






  1. Fantastic artwork and a crushing track! I love that the guitars are upfront in the mix so I can hear those killer riffs 🙂

  2. I will have to check this band out, sounds like they kick ass.

  3. Nice music, nice art. I wanna do some band’s album art. Sigh.

  4. I dig this. A killer track indeed!

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