Aug 262016

Dendritic Arbor-Infinite Waste split


Today is the day when a new Ohio label named Gloom Pit will release a split by Dendritic Arbor (about whom we’ve been writing since 2013) and Infinite Waste (who we will be paying close attention to from this moment on). Earlier this week Noisey premiered a full stream of the split — which includes three audio assaults by Dendritic Arbor (one of which is a bonus noise piece) and two by Infinite Waste — and today we have a dual premiere of videos for a song from the split by each band.

Dendritic Arbor recorded their songs with Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (with mastering for maximum impact by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege), while the Infinite Waste tracks were recorded and mastered by Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios. At the end of this post (after the videos), we’ll include a stream of the entire split, which can be ordered on vinyl, digipack CD, or tape, here:


Dendritic Arbor band


Dendritic Arbor’s video is for a song called “Ishi”, which our contributor Austin Weber wrote about late last week. It builds from a bleak, grinding, hammering start into a shrieking, blasting, roaring cacophony of violent dissonance and spine-jarring pulverization. It’s a riveting and unsettling thrill ride. It’s fair to say that no one else sounds quite like Dendritic Arbor. And hats off to the maker(s) of this transfixing video, which meshes with the dark, demented music like hand in glove.








Infinite Waste


Infinite Waste are a trio from Oakland. The song that’s the subject of their video is “In Life Till Rot” — a gripping storm of sound that in a short space of time effectively combines a variety of extreme metal ingredients to create a dynamically paced and mind-bending piece of savagery. The song thrashes, grinds, purees, pulverizes, and viciously rips. It’s like a musical Cuisinart for your brain.

The Infinite Waste video you’re about to see comes with an age restriction and a “graphic content” warning — because it includes scenes of drug-assisted rape and a graphically gory portrayal of retribution inflicted upon the rapist. The video (directed by Tsunami) also includes footage of the band going nuts, performing this song, which itself probably deserves a warning — because it’s damned intense.





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