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The cover art above, which was created by Misanthropic-Art, is what first drew our attention in April to Wither, the third album by Sweden’s Decomposed, which will be released by Chaos Records on October 3. And having been seduced by the artwork, we were then ravaged by the grisly, bone-grinding, pavement-splitting, head-hammering death metal delivered by the album’s first advance track, “By Nothingness Crowned”. Later on, a second song called “Submerged” continued the demolition job, and today we get to bring you one more chapter in this Wither-ing onslaught through our premiere of “Drenched In Wounds”.

Decomposed began as the solo project of Jesper Ekstål, and although it grew into a full band by 2010, for this album Decomposed has returned to where it began, with only Jesper Ekstål remaining. Wither, which is Decomposed’s third album, was composed and performed by him, along with drummer Emil Leijon.


Decomposed band


“Drenched In Wounds” is undeniably savage, a seething maelstrom of deep, whirring riffs that have the sound of serrated edges biting into flesh and bone, segmented by bass and drum hammer blows of considerable force. During the song’s rampaging course, the music segues into a slower momentum — no less dark and feral, but even more dismal and horrific. All the while, the barbaric vocals are a match for the riveting ferociousness of the instrumentation.

The music pulls from revered death metal traditions on both sides of the Atlantic, but is still full of vibrant (and poisonous) life.

Enjoy “Drenched In Wounds” below, along with the two previously released tracks mentioned at the start of this post — and check these links for pre-order options:




  1. Ekstål is a great musican and writer, this sounds killer 🙂

  2. Sure fits the profile for OSDM. Sounds pretty close to Grave if you ask me. That’s not a bad thing though

  3. Love this band!! Wish I had the pleasure of releasing this!!haha

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