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Halshug (“decapitate”) are from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their first album Blodets Bånd kicked my ass so hard last year that it’s only now recovered its beautiful shapely form. Unfortunately for my ass, Southern Lord is releasing Halshug’s second album on September 30. I’m in the market for ass armor. Overnight delivery would be a big plus.

The new album is named Sort Sind, which appropriately means “black mind” in English. It was recorded live, and you can tell that when you hear the music. It was also mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, who of course has a very accomplished history of helping bands beat the hell out of their listeners. We have a song from the album to share with you named “Vold” — which means “violence”. I’m already having trouble sitting down.


Halshug photo by Naya Buch


Okay, I promise I won’t talk about my ass any more. But I will say this about “Vold”: It’s made of monster riffs, thundering percussion, body-moving bass, and skin-stripping vocal fury. There’s a sense of physical power and bodily impact in the way the music hits the ears. It’s supercharged with energy — and yes, it is indeed a violent kind of energy, with an almost anthemic aura. The song will also get its hooks in you — it’s an infectious piece of hardcore punk as well as a battering one.


To repeat, Southern Lord will release Sort Sind on September 30. To check out another track from the album, visit CVLT Nation. To pre-order the album, visit this location. Halshug also have two shows coming up, which you can learn about here:

10/07/2016 BumZen – København, DK *record release show [info]

11/25/2016 Stubborn Fest – Barcelona, ES [info]


  2 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: HALSHUG — “VOLD””

  1. I’m a little late to this, but holy hell, this is killer.

  2. pretty unormalt for danmark…
    but maybe ive missed some scene i didnt know of
    what will fredrick rasmussen coment on this?

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