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The Greek band Aenaon have already made a name for themselves as one of the most interesting, inventive, and distinctive black metal bands on the planet, and their new album Hypnosophy will only burnish that reputation to an even brighter sheen. It well warrants the perhaps overused term “alchemical”, as Aenaon have drawn together a multitude of base elements from disparate genres and transmuted them in wizard-like fashion into music that’s rare and mesmerizing. As a further example of the intriguing delights that Hypnosophy will bring your way, we present the premiere of a lyric video for the album’s second track, “Fire Walk With Me“.

The band have commented on the song as follows:

“Ιnfluenced by David Lynch’s film, this title was chosen as an inspiration for a hymn about the mythical creature, Phoenix. The element of fire is represented by the maelstrom of multiple instruments that are combined to create a Promethian atmosphere. It concludes all the distinctive elements of the Aenaon sound whirling into a fiery musical vortex”.




While David Lynch’s strange and mysterious 1992 continuation of his Twin Peaks saga inspired the song’s title, it is also quite evident from the lyrics that the rise of the mythical Phoenix also stands as a symbol for the Lightbearer, the bearer of the Promethean flame, who like the Phoenix of legend will rise “with mighty talons, powerful and proud”, “reborn from ashes in a vicious heat”. The backdrop for the music and the words in the following video is thus entirely fitting, as plumes of red smoke billow, swirl, and writhe.

The mercurial song is deliciously multifaceted — bombastic, sulfurous, progressive, jazzy, and soulful. To borrow from the lyrics, it “blusters mightily” and hits hard (the drumming and bass rhythms jump out and grab you right from the start and command attention all the way through), but it also becomes dreamlike and hypnotic, especially when the exuberance of the mood pulls back to make room for an extended guitar solo in the song’s back half. And to add further textures to the music, Aenaon have again deployed saxophone and the striking, clean guest vocals of Giorgos Papagiannakis (Absinthiana) as a contrast to the savage growls of vocalist Astrous.

And it’s really easy to imagine that when Aenaon play the song live, a throng of voices will be joining them from the audience during the chorus: “Rise! Rise! Rise from the flames!”




Hypnosophy includes distinctive cover art by Łukasz Wodyński. It will be released on November 25 in Europe and on December 9 in North America by Code666, a sub-label of Aural Music. It will be available as a digital download, and you can pre-order physical editions via the links below.

Hypnosophy CD

Hypnosophy DLP

Hypnosophy Limited Red DLP

Track List:
1. Oneirodynia
2. Fire Walk With Me
3. Earth Tomb
4. Void
5. Tunnel
6. Thus Ocean Swells
7. Phronesis – Psychologic





  1. I love it! 2 out of 2 for me. These guys are very creative.

  2. holy shit, this is awesome!

  3. yea they really are quite something

  4. However talented this band is, I still haven’t been able to find a singer with so much power and emotion in avant-garde metal music such as I.C.S Vortex, of Arcturus’ fame.

    • Yeah ICS Vortex is amazing and I felt the same until I really got into Thy Catafalque. Tamas really goes to similar places on songs like Mezolit. Also try Oldoldo formak a halal titokzatos birodalmab off of Sgurr. I think as a whole they err less camp than this or anything Vortex has done, but he puts on some similar vocal performances.

  5. Once again this awesome website introduces me to another killer band I never heard before. Aenaon are fantastic. They’ve been around since 2005, holy smokes. Where have I been? They remind me of Enslaved, not in sound, but in terms of creative and progressive black metal. Good lyrics too. I am converted!

  6. Yeah, you guys turned me on to these guys with their last album. And that didn’t sink in at first.
    Not until the end of that year… Now I feel like I get them and Ive been biting at the bit for this one to come out and so far its only a mounting enthusiasm thats going to result in a strained neck from over-headbanging.

  7. but why they don’t tour? why? Whyyy?! 🙁

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