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Tomorrow (October 28), Black Lodge Records will release The Grander Voyage, the new fourth album by Sweden’s Netherbird, and on the eve of the release we are pleased to bring you a full stream of this diverse and dynamic new album — prefaced by this statement from frontman Nephente:

“I am very pleased to now finally release The Grander Voyage, our fourth full-length album. It is clearly a new chapter for Netherbird and I think it is easily the best album we have written and recorded. It will be evident that we are taking more risks and also showing more of the broad spectra of influences that we have as a band, though our base is and will always be the Scandinavian black and death metal underground.

“Me and Bizmark wrote the album very quickly and more or less in the same order as the tracks are placed on the album, and we didn’t overthink or analyse things, we just let the process flow and the result is more naked and raw than anything we have done before.

“Two singles, ‘Windwards in July’ and ‘Pillars of the Sky’ in September, preceded The Grander Voyage and both have met exceptionally good responses from listeners and critics, so I am sure the album will find its audience also. The number of pre-orders for the CD and LP version has surpassed anything we have had before.

“So it is with great pleasure we now offer this exclusive full stream premiere through No Clean Singing. Cheers!”




It is difficult to encapsulate the music on The Grander Voyage in simple genre terms. It partakes of the traditions not only of black metal and death metal, but also doom, post-metal, and more. It is harsh and aggressive, and it is also memorably melodic and evocative of a range of emotions, from fury to grief… and even triumph. But while the music may be difficult to pinpoint on a genre map (which itself is one of the album’s manifold attractions), what holds the album together is a flair for mature song-writing and a high level of instrumental craftsmanship and vocal vibrancy.

It’s also an album devoid of filler. You could throw a dart at a track list taped to a wall and hit a winner regardless of where your missile lands. And so what you have in store is a great listening experience from start to finish. Carve out time to make your way through all of these dynamic, powerhouse songs, and if you like what you hear as much as we do, get it for yourselves.


All of the tracks on the album were mastered by the renowned Sverker Widgren (October Tide, IXXI, Diabolical, etc), and the cover artwork is a painting by J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851), and is used by permission from Tate Images.

Netherbird’s veteran line-up is as follows:

Nephente – Vocals
Bizmark – Guitars and Vocals
Nord – Guitars and Vocals
Tobias Jakobsson – Lead Guitars
Micke André – Bass and Vocals
Fredrik Widigs  – Drums


To pre-order the album, go here:


Netherbird on the Web:

Black Lodge:



  1. This is a fucking amazing album. I have spoken.
    And how the hell did you find out who painted the cover. Have ye inked a deal with the devil?

  2. amazing album! hail!

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