Nov 092016



Metal is mood music. Perhaps like all forms of music, you can use it either to suit the mood you’re in or to change your mood. But it can do either thing in ways more powerful and effective than most other forms of music. Take this next song for example.

What we have here is a track called “Seed of Hatred” by the Italian death metal band Maze of Sothoth. It’s from their debut album Soul Demise, which will be released by Everlasting Spew on January 9, 2017. If you’re current mood is vile, enraged, boiling with hate, and/or teetering on the brink of a violent outburst, “Seed of Hatred” will fit your mood like a fine Italian glove fits your hand — even when it’s curled into a fist.

And if you happen to be in a despondent funk, and want to find some vibrant energy that will shake you out of your gloom, the song can do that, too.




To be clear, the music is morbid and furious. It doesn’t pretend our present or our future are all sweetness and light. But it pulses with a furious, malignant energy that’s infectious. It jabs like a prize-fighter and hammers like pistons. It grinds like a cadre of bone saws and writhes like a snake pit on fire. The vocals, of course, are deep, heartless, and horrifying.

Dive in… deepen your mood, or change it. But take some awful joy from the music, either way.


To pre-order Soul Demise, go HERE. The cover art is by Ivory Crux and the band’s logo was created by Mark Riddick. Maze of Sothoth is:

Fabio Marasco: Guitars/Synth
Matteo Moioli: Drums
Cristiano Marchesi: Bass/Vocals
Riccardo Rubini: Guitars



  1. Very tasty.

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