Nov 112016



Lebenssucht are a multinational black metal band whose members are spread among Bulgaria, Germany, and Belgium. This past summer they released a debut EP named Fucking My Knife, and today we’re helping to premiere an official video for the EP’s opening track, “Beloved Depression“.

The song is intense, and so is the video. And be careful who’s looking over your shoulder when you watch it. It depicts a woman in the throes of despair and delirium, self-mutilating and soaked in her own blood… and acting out the title of the band’s EP. So yes, NSFW.




As mentioned, the music is as intense as the video. The opening guitar arpeggio sets the haunting, depressive tone of the song immediately, but doesn’t prepare the listener for the titanic power of the storming riffs that follow, or for the excruciating agony and derangement made manifest by the shrieking, howling vocals.

It’s a harrowing and oppressively crushing song, laced with high reverberating guitar melodies that become increasingly deranged as the music builds to a chaotic crescendo. It produces a sensation of being swallowed whole in a vortex of mental and emotional devastation.

The band’s front woman S Caedes explains:

“Well, feelings have no concept, feelings just happen to you. And this is what the song is made of pain, despair and the need to drown in this sticky darkness. To be able to enjoy, even when it hurts. This is our absolute.”

Fucking My Knife is available on Bandcamp, and we’re including the EP stream below the video.




  1. Definitely my kind of thing. Sort of a mix between Infestus and Todtgelichter to my ears.

  2. Damn, that’s some mighty riveting depressed schwarz metal, and what a disturbing video.

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