Nov 162016



(Austin Weber brings us this premiere of the title track to a new album by Karmacipher from Hong Kong.)

As of late, it seems the growing influence of groups such as Gorguts and Ulcerate is bringing about a new wave of death metal fixated on twisted ugliness and immersive sorrow. This year alone, many groups have proven how much room there is to explore beyond (or without) solely copying their influences. Today’s premiere from the Hong Kong-based group Karmacipher is yet another fine new addition to this terrifying modern take on death metal.

From what I can tell, the band’s upcoming full-length, Necroracle, will be their first release. But given the quality of the music on today’s single of the title track, these guys aren’t amateurs by any means. Punishing drumming and super-heavy  and nasty riffing immediately kick off the song, though it continues to shift into a more off-kilter rhythmic place as the track progresses. Ultimately, it leaves the listener feeling like a helpless subject within a massive, world-destroying, meat-grinder apparatus.




Once you’re reduced to pulp, you start to appreciate the little nuances and dreary emotions “Necroracle” has to offer. Somber at times, overall it’s more akin to a massive forest fire devouring everything in its path in a merciless blaze of hellish growls, skin-crawling riffs, subtle yet steady bass playing, and challenging drumming.

Be sure to hit play below and take on all that the song has to offer. If you enjoy what you’re hearing from the title track, the full thing comes out on Wednesday, November 30th. I expect pre-orders for it will be up sometime soon as well. Follow the group on Facebook if you want to keep up with the album once pre-orders launch.


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