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NekroRegime is the second album by the Swedish black/death band Omnizide, and it will be released on December 16 by Carnal Records in Europe and Daemon Worship Productions in the U.S. The album’s title track has already surfaced, and now we bring you another one, a massively infectious dark beast named “Deathwomb“.

Omnizide was originally created under the name Belzen by AE and Nox in 1995. A few years later, it split up before releasing any recordings, with AE moving on in the band Avsky and Nox becoming the frontman for Craft. Years later the two joined forces again under the banner of Omnizide, and with additional allies in the line-up they released a debut album named Death Metal Holocaust in 2014.




The track from the new album that you’re about to hear is proof positive (if more were needed) that it’s possible to raise the specter of looming infernal power from a serpent’s nest of darkness in a mid-paced song that rocks instead of blasts and rolls instead of ripping and tearing.

I suppose complete traumatic paralysis could prevent someone from being un-moved by “Deathwomb“, but otherwise the song is guaranteed to get heads nodding, toes tapping, and other body parts moving in sync with its compulsive rhythm, while its bleak but alluring melody sinks its tendrils into your skull. There’s an earth-shaking low-end heaviness in the song, and the gut-rumbling riffs are hard to resist.

The sound of Nox’s voice will likely be familiar to many of you already, but for those who aren’t, it’s a skin-stripping display of vitriol and ferocity that provides an added surge of electricity to a song that’s damned electric already.


NekroRegime was recorded and mixed by Erik Hagelberg at DeathWomb Studio in the winter of 2015/2016. The album was mastered by Jona Kjellgren at Blacklounge Studio.

For pre-order information, check the links below — and we’ve included the new album’s title track as well as our premiere of “Deathwomb”.


1. Himmelstrasse (330ft)
2. The Return of the Loving Dead
3. Walls of Flesh
4. Doomsday Revelations
5. Deathwomb
6. NekroRegime
7. Nekromantic
8. Shockwaves
9. Devil in Me



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