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(TheMadIsraeli reviews the forthcoming debut album by Sunlight’s Bane from southeastern Michigan.)

Sunlight’s Bane is the sort of pure vitriol I need in my life. TBVLATEWB (also known as “The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried”) is both an unrelenting powerhouse of feral ferocity and carnage and also an interesting exercise in sub-genre hybridization which, as you may know, is my fucking shit.

An interesting combination of death metal, black metal, hardcore, and grindcore, this album accomplishes a grim and unrelentingly belligerent attack that sticks out from the pack. If you like bands like Anaal Nathrakh, Nails, Dark Fortress, Portal, and/or Incantation I think this album will speak to you inevitably on some visceral level. I’m quite a fan of what this band are doing, and very glad I gave it a shot when I got the promo.


Photo by Sam Hartman


The press release description of the band’s music was a bit more straightforward than mine, labeling them “blackened grindcore”, which is also pretty fair. You wouldn’t be wrong to immediately make that call yourself after hearing the opener “Praise The Venom Shield”. It’s violent acid spit and scarification in the form of blazing fast and mangled guitar riffs with buzzsaw tones, abrasive deathly barks, and screeches from a banshee.

This album really has just two modes of operation: a frantic, panicked. fast-as-fuck opening of portals that throw you into hell, and a slow, agonizing, torturous oppression that drags you into hell. Whether they’re delivering scorching death metal, a cascading rain of black metal fury, the stomp and rage of hardcore, or the frantic insanity of grind, these guys really have a good thing going. These contrasting styles (along with some doom-oriented songs to further mix things up) make this a pretty riveting listen.


I definitely say you should check this out when it’s released by Innerstrength Records on February 17. It will quench your thirst for intense and diverse metal.


  4 Responses to “SUNLIGHT’S BANE: “TBVLATEWB””

  1. I like! I like!

  2. Most pleasing.

  3. Fucking absolutely! God damn gnarly!

  4. I’m really looking forward to this album next months!!

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