Jan 162017


I’m not sure anyone can really prepare themselves to take a vicious beating, but that’s our advice to you before listening to “Begrudging Soul“, which is the song we’re premiering from the new album by Sunlight’s Bane from Michigan.

The album’s name is The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried (aka TBVLATEWB), and it will be released by Innerstrength Records on February 17. NCS writer TheMadIsraeli reviewed the album last month, summing it up as “an unrelenting powerhouse of feral ferocity and carnage and also an interesting exercise in sub-genre hybridization”: Continue reading »

Dec 162016



(TheMadIsraeli reviews the forthcoming debut album by Sunlight’s Bane from southeastern Michigan.)

Sunlight’s Bane is the sort of pure vitriol I need in my life. TBVLATEWB (also known as “The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried”) is both an unrelenting powerhouse of feral ferocity and carnage and also an interesting exercise in sub-genre hybridization which, as you may know, is my fucking shit.

An interesting combination of death metal, black metal, hardcore, and grindcore, this album accomplishes a grim and unrelentingly belligerent attack that sticks out from the pack. If you like bands like Anaal Nathrakh, Nails, Dark Fortress, Portal, and/or Incantation I think this album will speak to you inevitably on some visceral level. I’m quite a fan of what this band are doing, and very glad I gave it a shot when I got the promo. Continue reading »

Sep 142016



Seeing Red Records, in cooperation with the German label WOOAAARGH and the UK’s Vetala Productions, have brought together two bands from different sides of the Atlantic for a split 7″ release that threatens to boil the ocean between them  into the atmosphere. The bands are Sunlight’s Bane from Michigan and Geist from the northeast of England. Two songs from each band appear on the split, and it will be released on September 16. To whet your appetites (or snuff them out completely), we have a full stream of the split below.

Both of these bands are making their first appearance at our putrid site, and so a few words of introduction are in order. Continue reading »