Aug 212019


That photo up there, it’s a classic example of the calm before the storm — the members of Geist holding still for the camera. Even in that frozen moment, you get the sense of barely repressed menace, a perception of people who are much more comfortable exploding on stage than waiting while the timer ticks toward the detonation.

And man, these dudes from the northeast of England really are explosive. Through a feral mix of dark hardcore, crust, and metal, they channel emotionally raw and devastating sensations (and bone-busting force) through their debut album Swarming Season. And the video we’re premiering today for an album track named “Sleep Deprived” captures them in their true element, throwing themselves with utter commitment into the performance of the music (rather than waiting for the shutter to click). Continue reading »

Aug 062019


I had time last night to check out a bunch of new songs that surfaced in recent days, and from that listening excursion I decided to pick the ones below for a Tuesday playlist. Serendipitously, all the bands have one-word names. However, both their locations and musical styles are diverse. You’ll encounter varieties of old school death metal, black metal, metallic hardcore, and death/crust — and I hope you’ll like all of it, because I sure as hell did.


Metal-Archives lists two long-defunct bands named Darkened, one from Sweden and one from the UK. The Darkened whose music I’ve chosen to begin today’s round-up is obviously neither of those, though the line-up of this new band does include members from Sweden and the UK — as well as the U.S. The band may be new, but those members will be known to many of you through their numerous other projects: Continue reading »

Aug 092017


The British band Geist (from Durham and Newcastle) describe their music as “too metal for the punks and too punk for metalheads”. Undaunted, and perhaps even more furiously energized, Geist have nevertheless continued to gouge and scar the landscape of the northeast of England, and their latest concussive assault is a release named Disrepair. It will be discharged on September 22nd by a consortium of labels led by WOOAAARGH, and we have the premiere of teeth-loosening track named “Dear World“, packaged in an official video.

“Dear World” is not too punk for this metalhead, but since I’m an old former punk, maybe my opinion is suspect. It’s definitely heavy enough that it should appeal to metalheads — and it’s grim and murderous enough that it ought to appeal to both camps. Continue reading »

Sep 142016



Seeing Red Records, in cooperation with the German label WOOAAARGH and the UK’s Vetala Productions, have brought together two bands from different sides of the Atlantic for a split 7″ release that threatens to boil the ocean between them  into the atmosphere. The bands are Sunlight’s Bane from Michigan and Geist from the northeast of England. Two songs from each band appear on the split, and it will be released on September 16. To whet your appetites (or snuff them out completely), we have a full stream of the split below.

Both of these bands are making their first appearance at our putrid site, and so a few words of introduction are in order. Continue reading »