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The British band Geist (from Durham and Newcastle) describe their music as “too metal for the punks and too punk for metalheads”. Undaunted, and perhaps even more furiously energized, Geist have nevertheless continued to gouge and scar the landscape of the northeast of England, and their latest concussive assault is a release named Disrepair. It will be discharged on September 22nd by a consortium of labels led by WOOAAARGH, and we have the premiere of teeth-loosening track named “Dear World“, packaged in an official video.

“Dear World” is not too punk for this metalhead, but since I’m an old former punk, maybe my opinion is suspect. It’s definitely heavy enough that it should appeal to metalheads — and it’s grim and murderous enough that it ought to appeal to both camps.



There’s a hardcore punk drive and rhythm in the music, and a hardcore vehemence in the completely throat-shredding vocal rage. The heavy, thick, sludgy chords are gut-vibrating, but there’s something almost warm about that tone even though there’s nothing friendly about the atmosphere of the song, or about the hard-punching bass or the battering drum rhythm. It’s also the kind of song that gets the blood rushing. It’s definitely punk, and it’s definitely metal, and it’s definitely worth hearing.

It’s also worth seeing — because as mentioned above, we’re bringing it to you in the form of a music video, so you can see what these marauders look like.


Disrepair was recorded by Jason Frye at Century Audio and mastered by the esteemed Brad Boatright at AudiosiegeWOOAAARGH will release the music on 12″ vinyl with a B-side etching and on digipak CD. It will also be available from: Rip Roaring Shit Storm, Black Omega Recordings, Prospect Records, Vetala Productions, Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings, and Volume Over Substance.

1. Painkillers
2. Dear World…
3. Services Rendered
4. Eyeless Needle
5. Fiction Souls
6. Inkblot Lives

Pre-order (LP/CD/DD):





  1. These dudes sound like a trainwreck

    I can get behind this.

  2. Fugazi shirt–yes

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