Jan 092017


Today Maze Of Sothoth come blasting out of the north of Italy with the release of their debut album Soul Demise, and today we trigger the detonation with a premiere stream of all 10 songs.

We’ve already premiered one furious, utterly morbid track (“Seed of Hatred”) and followed that with a review of Soul Demise, in which our writer TheMadIsraeli praised the album as embracing “the most timeless of death metal’s elements combined with a refinement of its greatest decade”, challenging “modern death metal’s gratuitous excess” by defying its “excessive musical ornamentation”, and confounding expectations by upending “humanity’s innate need to find or maintain order”. It is, in his summation, “a powerful and vicious death metal record”.



The blasphemous ferocity of the band’s attack is well-represented in the cover art of Ivory Crux, and it’s also fitting that Mark Riddick created the band’s logo. The music takes no prisoners, but as savage, diseased, and bone-mangling as the music is, it also happens to be highly infectious and unrelentingly vibrant, even in its most morbid and macabre moments.

Soul Demise is being released by Everlasting Spew Records on CD and digitally, with limited T-shirt bundles also available. For more info, check these links:


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Listen to the album via the YouTube stream below. Here’s the track list, indexed to the YouTube stream:

1. Cthulhu’s Calling 00:01
2. Lies 01:50
3. Seed Of Hatred 07:06
4. Multiple Eyes 10:26
5. The Outsider 15:03
6. The Dark Passenger 20:38
7. At The Mountain Of Madness 25:19
8. Blind 30:23
9. Azzaihg’nimehc 34:18
10. Divine Sacrifice 36:12



  1. That was really great stuff! Fantastic debut.

  2. “For fans of Morbid Angel, Vomitory, Maveth and Vader,” according to their bandcamp page. Fuck yeah, gonna pick this one up for sure!

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