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The Milanese band Mindful of Pripyat made an explosive appearance on the scene with the 2015 release of their debut EP …and Deeper, I Drown In Doom…, which I praised in a review here at our putrid site and KevinP anointed with an award as one of the best albums released that month. In his words: “Think Terrorizer and early Carcass with absolute razor precision backed by a solid production…. One of the fresher pieces of grind I’ve heard in awhile.”

On March 1 we will finally have new music from Mindful of Pripyat, because that’s the date set by Everlasting Spew for the release of a new split by the band, a split on which they’re joined by the Venetian marauders in Stench of Profit. What we have for you today is a premiere of not one, but two songs from the Mindful of Pripyat side of the split — “Hostage” and “Specimen“.



I was first drawn to explore that earlier EP due to the presence in the line-up of Doomed Warrior from the fantastic Italian band Into Darkness. She is no longer a member of the band, but two new beasts (guitarist Omar and bassist/vocalist Gian) have now joined the group’s other two original members, lead vocalist Tya and drummer/vocalist Gio. And as you can tell, Mindful of Pripyat have preserved their three-headed vocal assault. And that’s not all they’ve preserved.

On this new split the band rampage through 9 tracks. Even with the 18 tracks furnished by Stench of Profit, the whole split EP clocks in at only about 22 minutes. And if you’re a fan of bands like Terrorizer, Assück, and Phobia, you’re going to eat up these new Mindful of Pripyat tracks.

These tracks are full-speed savagery incarnate, loaded with the deranged fury of radioactive riffs that punch, slash, and seethe, coupled with blazing drum work and a cavalcade of vocal roars, howls, and shrieks.

It’s a good thing we have two tracks to bring you as a sample — but they still fly by so fast that they left me hungering for more. I hope they have the same effect on you.


Cover art for the split was created by Too Many Skulls. Everlasting Spew will release the split on 12″ vinyl, on CD, and as a digital download. To pre-order the album in physical form, click HERE and visit Bandcamp via this link for a digital pre-order (the link will be live soon):


Mindful of Pripyat:

Everlasting Spew:


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