Jan 312017


The album Worms by the Spanish band Barbarian Swords was a late-year discovery for us made possible by a request from Satanath Records and Cimmerian Shade Recordings that we host a premiere of the album stream. Not knowing what awaited me, I explored the music before giving an answer — and was blown away. In an attempt to describe the music in the review that accompanied the premiere, I wrote:

“In its predominant forms, Barbarian Swords traffic in a twisted but very compelling hybrid of doom and black metal — nihilistic and barbaric, moldering and mesmerizing, and frequently unnerving. And there are massive headbang triggers lurking like landmines in the album, too.”

I put one track from the album, “Outcast Warlords”, on our list of 2016’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs, and today we’re happy to premiere the lyric video for another potent (and addictive) track from the album — “Pure Demonology“.



The song is as grim as a pile of corpses. It hammers with brutal intent and skull-smashing effect, laced with a dismal, chilling melody and vicious, blood-freezing vocals. But eventually, this brooding, seething beast explodes in an assault of unbounded savagery. And if you’re susceptible to adverse effects from watching rapidly strobing visuals, you probably shouldn’t watch this video, because it flashes in sync with the ferocity of the music.


The video production was handled by The Core Inside. Worms was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios, and it features cover art and layout design by César Valladares. The album is available from Cimmerian Shade Recordings (2xLP gatefold red and black, cassette, digipak CD), Satanath Records (jewelcase CD), and The Ritual Productions (jewelcase CD). We’ve included a Bandcamp stream of the album below the video.



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