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There’s a song on the new album by HerezA called “Uništi, Pali, Ruši”, which are the Croatian words for “destroy, burn, tear it down”. Those same words could be the banner for the album as a whole, though the album’s name is equally indicative of what lies within: I Become Death.

This is HerezA’s second album, following their 2015 debut full-length, Misanthrope. The new one is being released today by the Polish extreme metal label Godz ov War Productions, and below we have a full stream of the album for you.



HerezA deliver a stunningly violent assault on the senses. The music is a death/punk barrage that pairs the thick, gut-busting tone of HM-2-powered riffs with d-beat rhythms and raw vitriol in the vocal department. They also favor sinister, seething tremolo riffs that surge like poison in the veins or whirr like massive bone saws.

I Become Death is one turbocharged neck-breaker after another, with a vibrant production that enhances the visceral, electrifying power of the band’s onslaught. It’s an homage to the punk-influenced Swedish death metal of the early and mid-’90s, favoring speed as well as chainsawing guitars, maniacal vocal explosiveness, and bludgeoning, jackhammering grooves.

Although the music’s core attractiveness lies in its full-bore destructiveness, HerezA don’t neglect melody. These are well-written songs that stick in your head every bit as effectively as they provide high-octane headbang fuel.

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  1. Islander, any idea when this is actually being BC released? I pre-ordered it ages ago, and forgot I had done so until reading this post.

  2. Thanks, both of you! Much appreciated.

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