Feb 162017

Photo by Marco Fog Magla

Later this year the Venetian death metal trio Psychotomy will release a new album, and today we bring you the intergalactic premiere of a video for one of the new tracks, “Evidence of Tyranny“.

The new album will be Psychotomy’s second full-length, following their 2015 debut album Antinomia. All of the band’s members have been involved in other projects, and as you’re about to find out, they clearly know what the hell they’re doing. I’ll mention specifically that vocalist/guitarist Lory is also a member of Stench of Profit, a grind juggernaut whose split with Mindful of Pripyat we featured here recently.

A sense of looming and gruesome menace opens this new song, and then that fearsome presence leaps from the shadows in a frenzy of poisonous riffing and battering drums. But still more changes lie ahead, with the music moving into a contemplative melodic section that begins alternating with bursts of ripping and tearing, before a final reprise of the doom-stricken sensations of the song’s opening.

The song’s dynamism, and the interesting variations that are revealed in the passages when the band isn’t in full attack mode, make this a song worth exploring on repeat. Cool stuff, and a tempting teaser for the new album.

The video (directed by Daniele Bagolin) is also a fitting companion to the music, alternative between film of the band performing the song and dramatic vistas of nature.

To learn more about the album as further news becomes available, watch these spaces:

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  1. Cool video, good death metal, always glad to see women playing metal. But that snare tone was driving me crazy for some reason. Maybe it’s these laptop speakers.

    • Yeah, it does have a bit of that tin-can ring to it which can get annoying (a much more subtle version of the St. Anger disaster…)

  2. awesome. I like. Great track!! cool video.

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