Mar 082017


Galare come our way from Elizabeth, New Jersey. They’ve been hard at work on their first EP, and I now have a single from this debut release to share with you, because I like it. It’s name is “Thy Dying Light“.

This is a song that I suspect you’ll want to hear more than once, just to understand what you’ve heard, because it’s unpredictable, and more than a little unnerving.



The song’s opening takes your breath away. With no warning, it explodes like a black metal hurricane in a gale-force torrent of distorted hammering, dismal guitar abrasion, and scalding vocal intensity. Five minutes of that might be enough to strip all the flesh from your bones, but changes lie ahead, though they offer no sign of hope.

When the intensity diminishes the first time, the music becomes a heaving, grinding beast surrounded by a cold, predatory atmosphere of malice and gloom. When it happens again, reverberating guitar notes create a ghostly chill, moving over a groaning abyss of low-end heaviness and what might be a deep, distorted, inhuman voice or simply one of your nightmares rising to the surface. Before the end (which is an eerie finale), a metronomic drumbeat drives the rhythm while a python-like bass slithers through the poisonous cloud of distortion.


I don’t have a release date for this band’s EP, but if this song is any indication, it will be worth watching for. To aid yourself in doing that, give Galare a like on Facebook:


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