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Not long ago I came across a single named “Invocations of Wrath and Fire” from Hellcrowned, which is the new second album by the Finnish band Pimeydentuoja. I promptly sang its praises in one of our Shades of Black features, and now I have the deviant pleasure of bringing you the premiere of another slaughtering song from that same album in advance of its March 31 release by the unholy triumvirate of Symbol of Domination Productions (Belarus), More Hate Productions (Russia), and Black Plague Records (USA). This new track is “Into the Catacombs of Misery“.

Since being struck down by that first advance track off of Hellcrowned I’ve learned that Pimeydentuoja first assembled back in 2009 and since then have released the Black Goat Psalm demo in 2012, a debut album named The Devil’s Epoch in 2015, and a single called “Sadist Ritual” last year.



It’s no exaggeration to say that “Into the Catacombs of Misery” takes no prisoners. It manifests a lethal intent, expelling a foul and pestilential form of black/death blasphemy that’s as crushing as it is poisonous. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the song to these mangled ears is the impact of the drum work. The sound of those hammering, slugging, somersaulting assaults is deep and powerful, and it’s inflicted as if the drummer was determined to smash and segment every joint in every listener’s skeletal structure.

Against those punishing but galvanizing rhythms, the vocalist expels gargantuan roars, while the thick, distorted riffs buzz and swarm with a tone that calls to mind gruesome old school Scandinavian death metal. The song’s overall impact is massive (and there’s a demented solo waiting for you in there, too).


In addition to this new song, I’ve included streams of two previously released tracks below. As a reminder of those, “Invocations of Wrath and Fire” pulses with unholy infectious energy, and it also swarms like a maddened viper nest, complete with gruesome growls and howls of apparently inhuman origin, while “Deiphagous Death Torment” is more of a thrashing onslaught, though the band deliver some massive hammer blows in that track as well. And all of these songs are damned infectious as well as barbaric.

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  1. These are awesome. I love the mix between the really heavy brutal parts and the head-noddy bits \m/


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