Mar 092017


Not long ago I came across a single named “Invocations of Wrath and Fire” from Hellcrowned, which is the new second album by the Finnish band Pimeydentuoja. I promptly sang its praises in one of our Shades of Black features, and now I have the deviant pleasure of bringing you the premiere of another slaughtering song from that same album in advance of its March 31 release by the unholy triumvirate of Symbol of Domination Productions (Belarus), More Hate Productions (Russia), and Black Plague Records (USA). This new track is “Into the Catacombs of Misery“.

Since being struck down by that first advance track off of Hellcrowned I’ve learned that Pimeydentuoja first assembled back in 2009 and since then have released the Black Goat Psalm demo in 2012, a debut album named The Devil’s Epoch in 2015, and a single called “Sadist Ritual” last year. Continue reading »

Feb 252017


This completes a new-music round-up I started early yesterday with Part 1 and a big Part 2. This concluding installment is pretty big, too.


Al-Namrood is an anti-religious Saudi Arabian black metal band, which has to be a dangerous way for them to spend their time. The first and last time I wrote about them was in 2012 when their third album Kitab Al-Awthan was on the brink of release. Now their sixth album is due for release on CD and vinyl by Shaytan Production on May 16. Its name is Enkar. Continue reading »