Jul 042018


Today is the Independence Day holiday here in the U.S. The first thing I saw upon scanning the local Seattle paper after waking up was a fascinating story that included the photo above, and this headline:


Puget Sound explorers partied so hard for July 4, 1841, a sailor blew up his hand with a howitzer


We’ve come so far since that event, marked by the monument above near Puget Sound, which was reportedly the first official Fourth of July celebration held west of the Mississippi: Now we can blow off our hands without using military armament; inexpensive fireworks will do the job just as well. And what better way to commemorate the birth of the nation than by an orgy of drunkenness and self-inflicted wounds? Continue reading »

Feb 252017


This completes a new-music round-up I started early yesterday with Part 1 and a big Part 2. This concluding installment is pretty big, too.


Al-Namrood is an anti-religious Saudi Arabian black metal band, which has to be a dangerous way for them to spend their time. The first and last time I wrote about them was in 2012 when their third album Kitab Al-Awthan was on the brink of release. Now their sixth album is due for release on CD and vinyl by Shaytan Production on May 16. Its name is Enkar. Continue reading »

Jan 092012

I’d like to pretend I have a good attitude about Monday’s, but the truth is I’d rather go through childbirth and then be forced to eat my own placenta than start another fucking work week. I have a feeling I’m not alone in that feeling. I’ve been cheering myself up by listening to new tunes, and therefore I would like to cheer you up with them, too, in case you’re having that feeling that I’m having, y’know, the one about childbirth and the placenta.


Florida’s Cannibal Corpse are officially the best-selling death metal band of all time. Longevity accounts for some of that success — they released their Eaten Back To Life debut in 1990. More than 20 years later, they’ve completed work on a new album that will crawl forth from the grave this year. We don’t have an album title or artwork yet, but a new song called “Demented Aggression” has just surfaced on YouTube.

This isn’t an official release, so I’m not 100% sure this is real — though it sure as hell sounds like Cannibal Corpse — and because it’s not official, it may get yanked by the Tube at any moment. But until that happens, you can go get your earholes violated right after the jump. (And thanks to Aaron for the hot tip on this baby.) Continue reading »