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You might recognize Henry Kane as the name of the soul-devouring supernatural antagonist in the Poltergeist film series. It’s also the name chosen by the veteran Swedish vocalist and musician Jonny Pettersson for a solo project in which he puts a unique spin on his beloved Swedish death metal. The debut album of Henry Kane is named Den Förstörda Människans Rike, and it was released last month by Transcending Obscurity Records. What we have for you today is a video that matches the horrors of the album’s namesake against the horrors of the music in the song “Der var inte ditt fel“.

Jonny Pettersson has contributed his ferocious voice and his musicianship to an ever-increasing number of projects, including such bands as Wombbath, Just Before Dawn, Vholdghast, Syn:drom, Ashcloud, and Skineater, but he really outdoes himself in Henry Kane. His voice alone in the song that’s the subject of this video is terrifying enough to raise the hackles on the back of your neck.



“Der var inte ditt fel” combines all of Henry Kane’s key musical ingredients — the slow, oozing, festering, gruesome sound of pestilence, decay, and creeping death; the feral crust/punk brawling; and the berserker destructive mayhem of death grind. The song also has a massive sound, with a titanic, groaning, grotesquely distorted guitar tone and a gut-rupturing drum attack. And of course, on top of all that, Pettersson is a one-man cacophony of inhuman vocal insanity, expelling everything from  huge, ferocious roars to throat-ripping shrieks and incinerating screams.

In a nutshell, the music is a horror storm of foulness and ferocity — and so is the video. Enjoy!


Den Förstörda Människans Rike is available in a digipak CD edition limited to 300 copies with a hand-numbered certificate and a badge, available here:

The same package also comes bundled with a t-shirt via this link:

And it’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, and on Bandcamp here:

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