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One thing leads to another. Last month we came across a track named “Luciferian Black Light” from Black Light of Destruction, the new album by a black metal band originally from Uruguay named Opus Diaboli, and praised it in one of our collections of new black metal. And now we bring you another new song, “Glory In Steel“, in advance of the album’s May 10 release by Satanath Records and The Ritual Productions.

We’re told that Opus Diaboli was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2005 as the brainchild of guitarist L.W. Alexander. Although a full band participated in the early recordings, Opus Diaboli has now become LWA’s solo project. The songs on Black Light of Destruction were written across the 12-year history of the project.



The track we’re bringing you today, “Glory In Steel“, has the ring of classic black metal, with elements and atmosphere reminiscent of Filosofem-era Burzum among others. In its opening movements it’s scalding in its intensity, propelled by driving blast-beats and vocals that deliver a hot acid bath of fury, the high buzzing riffs both snarling and sorrowing. And the pain that courses through the tumult is tangible — the piercing melody, delivered through a scarring hail of abrasion, creates sensations of both surging savagery and chilling, heart-aching wretchedness.

The song does eventually become more subdued, the pace becoming stately, and the music exuding an atmosphere of dying majesty. When the rush resumes, a piercing solo rises up in a deranged, devastating frenzy, pushing the intensity to the splintering point.


Black Light of Destruction features hellish cover art by Paint-It-Black Design. It will be released digitally and in a jewel-case CD edition. To pre-order, go to this location:


Below you’ll find the track list, useful links, and “Glory In Steel” along with “Luciferian Black Light” and one more previously released track, “Rivers of Blood”.

01. Ilmarinen
02. Glory In Steel
03. Luciferian Black Light
04. Red Battlefield
05. In Flames
06. Better To Be A Mortal Than A Crucified Whore
07. Rivers Of Blood
08. Hymn Of Ragnarok
Length – 45:58

Opus Diaboli on Facebook:


The Ritual Productions:




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