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Yeah, I know I did two of these round-ups yesterday, but I’m drowning in new music — but it’s the good kind of drowning, where you see the bright white light at the end of the tunnel and will never figure out in your moment of euphoria before the void takes you that it was just some dude with a flashlight trying to find your corpse in the pond you fell into while wasted.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m drowning in good new metal. However, I’m running out of time before I have to tend to my fucking day job, so I’m just going to pick quickly, one each from Columns A, B, C, and D from the genre menu, and cut back on the usual verbosity. Expect another round-up tomorrow.


Here’s a video that appeared today for “Fixated On Devastation”, a track from the new Dying Fetus album, Wrong One To Fuck With. It was filmed by Mitch Massie live at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA, on March 17th.



After some frenzied note flurries and introductory head bashing, the band turn themselves to some serious bludgeoning, rampaging, and all-around viciousness and insanity. It’s a catchy (and technically impressive) beast, too. I’d say Dying Fetus have returned in very good form.

Wrong One To Fuck With comes out via Relapse on June 23.


Dying Fetus:









The Swedish black metal band Svartsyn have a new album named In Death that’s now scheduled for release by Agonia Records on June 9th. The first single, which appeared yesterday, is “Seven Headed Snake“. The band’s last album, Black Testament (2013), was excellent, and I’ve been anxious for this new one. And I’m already deeply in lust with the stunning power of “Seven Headed Snake”.

The fusillade of drum blasting, the waves of sinister, arcane melody, and the strikingly horrifying vocals that occupy most of the song are completely gripping in their intensity and speed. When the percussive fury relents around the mid-point, the atmosphere of the song becomes more dismal and pestilential, but no less hair-raising.











Nothing says metal like a werewolf with a big angry dick on the cover of an album, am I right? Consistent with the cover, the new album by Bonehunter is named Sexual Panic Human Machine, and it’s coming from Hells Headbangers on August 4.

The band’s debut album Evil Trumps Again was hell on wheels, and so is this first single from Sexual Panic Human Machine — “Enter the Satan’s Dimension”. Blood-pumping, blazing, and barbarous, this is a fitting tribute to the memory of Bathory.










I spotted Jason Barnett’s cover art up there before knowing what it was for. Kind of like Thomas the Tank Engine from Hell. It turns out that the artwork is for a 2017 debut demo by a Canadian band from Edmonton, Alberta, named Feeding. It will be released digitally and on tape by Vancouver-based Funeral Trance Records. Seduced by the cover art, I’ve been waiting to hear something from the demo, and now I have — and so shall you. This song is “Rotten Alive“.

Feeding call their music “Occult death rock influenced by the screams of our enemies”. To my ears, this song sounds like an incredibly savage, mercilessly destructive, and thoroughly electrifying barrage of death/grind. And I sure do like it!

P.S. There’s a video for this song that’s’s supposed to emerge tomorrow (4/21). When that happens, I’ll stick it in here along with the Bandcamp stream.

UPDATE: That video is now up, via New Noise Magazine, and I’ve added it below.





  1. feeding has the best video ever.

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