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After making their recording debut in 2011 with an EP named The Exceptions of the Rebellions, the Singaporean band Assault are returning with a debut album named The Fallen Reich, which features Mark Riddick cover art and is set for a May 10 release by Transcending Obscurity Records. Today we bring you a lyric video for the album’s title track.

While Assault are billed as a death/thrash band, this song is reminiscent of the ferocious style of fast-moving melodic death metal that erupted on At the Gates’ Slaughter of the Soul, due in part to the similarity of the vocals to Tompa Lindberg’s distinctive snarls.



“The Fallen Reich” is a vicious, jolting attack that charges forward like a turbocharged war machine. The potent, jet-fueled drum attack and punchy bass work give the music a hammering, high-powered drive, and the furious riffs, which are both seething and jabbing, have an electrifying and sinister impact.

While the fireball fury and heavy-grooved punch of the song are two of its biggest attractions, it’s laced with melodic elements that really stick the hooks in the head, too, and it further includes a hellishly good solo. Last but certainly not least, those vocals mentioned earlier are superb examples of carnivorous blood lust.

Melodic death metal has morphed quite a bit since the early days, but Assault‘s savage take on the genre provides a powerful reminder of its primal attractions.


To repeat, the album will be released on May 10th, and pre-orders are available on Bandcamp, where you’ll also find a t-shirt and a limited-edition slipcase CD in addition to the digital pre-order.

Our video premiere is below, along with a stream of the previously released track “Ghettos“, which features a guest appearance by Nothnegal’s Fufu. (the album also includes a guest appearance by Chthonic’s Freddy Lim).


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  1. Rarely do I spinn an advance promo immediately, but Assault has already pummeled my head quite a few times. Lovely stuff.

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