May 022017


We really can’t get enough of Nekronikon’s cover art for the new Antropofagus album, M.O.R.T.E. – Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration. This makes the third time we’ve found a reason to brandish it on our site, the last time when we premiered the slaughtering supremacy of “Chants for Abyzou“, and now as a visual prelude to our premiere of another attack of pile-driving destruction from the album — a track named “The Abyss (Chapter One)“.

With each new song from the album, Antropofagus further prove their mastery at delivering death metal with head-hammering brutality and insidiously infectious hooks. The grooves are especially strong within “The Abyss”, and so is the cold-blooded, hate-filled savagery.



The track is a real bone-breaker, propelled by a jackhammering central riff and spine-shivering percussion. The band also make room for bouts of turbocharged jabbing, frenzied swarming, and demented soloing (which spawns images of a fire elemental freed from an occult prison). It’s a murderous piece of viciousness, with roaring vocals that match the mercilessness of the instrumental obliteration.


If you’re like us, this one new song won’t sate the hunger, and so we’ve also included the streams of the first two singles from the album, the afore-mentioned “Chants for Abyzou” and “Spawn of Chaos“, along with “The Abyss (Chapter One)“.

The album was recorded and mixed by Davide Billia at Mk2 Recording Studio and mastered by Fabio Palombi at Blackwave Studio, and the result is evisceration delivered with maximum power.

M.O.R.T.E. – Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration will be released on May 12th, on CD by Comatose Music and on vinyl by Everlasting Spew Records. Pre-order via the links below.

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Comatose Music

Everlasting Spew

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  1. Cant wait to get this album. These 3 advance songs are real good.

  2. Nothing new here but just good ol’ brutal shit. Will buy at some point!

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