May 102017

Vonnis EP artwork by Planeet Janus


A dead sun burns
Over a grey and barren waste
Wander in contempt of life
Murder children

Eat the hearts of mothers
Bury them alive
A dead sun shatters
Shatters us all


Those are the lyrics to the unsettling song “Apoptosis” that we’re premiering today through a vivid video. It comes from the new EP EVIL.AGAINST.EVIL by the Belgian band Vonnis, which will be released through Consouling Agency on June 23rd.


Photo © Thijs Bliki


According to The Font of All Human Knowledge, “apoptosis” is “a process of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms” in which cells kill themselves. It happens to all of us every day — tens of billions of our cells regularly destroy themselves. In the hands of Vonnis, of course, the word becomes a metaphor.

The song has its way with the listener’s head in less than a minute, providing an example of Vonnis‘ vicious, blackened stew of powerviolence, noise, and crust. The song expels a blast of hard-slugging riffs, head-battering drum and bass work, and throat-scraping vocal fury with the rasping, abrasive quality of black metal. But what immediately sticks in the head is the strange, high, warbling melody that pulses through that barrage of sound. It’s the sound of something gone wrong… like a dead sun burning over a grey and barren waste.


Photo © Thijs Bliki


Vonnis tell us that they “stand for chaotic, unpredictable and wild live shows”. The video accompanying the song provides convincing evidence of this. It was filmed by Arno Galle, Lucas Colle, and Thijs Bliki, and directed and edited by Arno Galle.

EVIL.AGAINST.EVIL was produced by Tim De Gieter (Much Luv Studio) and was mastered by the masterful Brad Boatright (Audiosiege). For more info about the EP as the release date approaches, check these locations:





  1. Damn them, that’s MY song title!

  2. That artwork is really something, the music isn’t bad either!

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