Jun 252017


As everyone who writes for our site has remarked from time to time, we just don’t have enough time to write reviews of every new album, EP, and split that catches our fancy, no matter how fine we think they are. I have no doubt we would still fall short even if we all did this as a full-time occupation instead of a part-time un-paid labor of lust.

I also have no doubt that we could throw more good music at your head if we truncated or eliminated our verbiage and simply installed music streams and yelled, “LISTEN TO THIS MOTHERFUCKERS!” Or maybe, “LISTEN TO THIS PLEASE AND THANK YOU”. But where’s the fun in that? Maybe more fun for you, but less fun for us… and that might lead some of us to spend more time playing with ourselves and less time playing with you.

Nevertheless, I’m admitting defeat to the hands of time in this post. There are a handful of recently released new albums in a blackened vein that I’m simply urging you to hear. Please. And thank you. Motherfuckers. Continue reading »

May 102017

Vonnis EP artwork by Planeet Janus


A dead sun burns
Over a grey and barren waste
Wander in contempt of life
Murder children

Eat the hearts of mothers
Bury them alive
A dead sun shatters
Shatters us all


Those are the lyrics to the unsettling song “Apoptosis” that we’re premiering today through a vivid video. It comes from the new EP EVIL.AGAINST.EVIL by the Belgian band Vonnis, which will be released through Consouling Agency on June 23rd. Continue reading »