May 292017

Oranssi Pazuzu


As regular visitors will have noticed, we haven’t posted very much since last Wednesday. That was the day when three of us here at NCS and a group of other friends made our way to Baltimore for the 2017 edition of Maryland Deathfest — which turned out to be a blast once again, from the set by Baltimore’s Destroyer of Man that launched the pre-fest show straight through to the drum solo by Pete Sandoval that ended Terrorizer’s closing set at Soundstage last night.

In past years I’ve written a day-by-day recap of MDF, with photos and sometimes with videos, usually pulling those together on the morning after each day. This year I decided just to enjoy the event and not worry about writing it up while it was happening.




I do think I’ll write a recap this week, probably in two parts. Since I have an ungodly long plane flight back to Seattle later today, that will probably give me time to get a head start on it. Mainly, I have a bunch of photos I’d like to share, plus a few impressions of some of the stand-out sets I saw.

Tomorrow we’ll be getting back to (ab)normal around here. Among other things, we’ll have two song premieres and an album premiere, and probably the first part of an MDF recap. And there might be other things lurking in the neglected NCS in-box that will show up as well. Until then, satanic hails to all our war brothers and sisters.

(You might be able to infer that I’ve been slightly brain-damaged by MDF 2017.)

  11 Responses to “MDF BLOG BREAK”

  1. Gah…that Terrorizer set, how monstrous was that!? It actually hurt to leave that set so I could catch Candlemass (totally worth it though…they nailed it).

    Just couldn’t stay for Akercocke. I tried, but man…I just don’t get the appeal. Those clean passages just ruin it for me

    • Cool to see you once again. I fully intended to take your advice and stay for Candlemass, but fell in with the rest of my group who were all about seeing Terrorizer. Don’t know what I missed, but I wasn’t sure Soundstage was going to survive that Terrorizer set.

      • Always cool to see you as well. Maybe one of these days we’ll even get to talk for more than 5 minutes…hahaha.

        Nah…I dont blame you guys for catching that set. Got to see the first four songs and it was pretty devestating. If it had been any other closer but Candlemass I’d have stayed myself

  2. Did you take that Oranssi Pazuzu pic? If so I was directly across from you. Awesome set!

  3. Great seeing you and the crew again! Safe travels, and all best from the 9C team and i!

  4. I skipped Terrorizer for Candlemass, and have absolutely no regrets. A fantastic set and a fitting end to the weekend. Great MDF all around. I didn’t miss the parking lot; I actually got to see more bands I wanted to see this year and much prefer a tightly packed club to the great outdoors.

    • I didn’t miss Edison Lot either, though I thought I would. And it would have been a mess on the days when the rain came down. The Power Plant complex provided plenty of opportunities for shooting the shit with people away from the music (which is one thing I thought I’d miss about Edison Lot), and it was nice not to have to make the hike between the parking lot and the other venues.

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