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(Andy Synn assembled this collection of recommended music.)

Greetings and salutations good people of the NCS hive mind. Today just so happens to be my birthday and, in a twist to the usual way of doing things, I’m here to offer YOU a bunch of presents in celebration of this momentous event.

So, after the jump, you’ll find some EPs and albums that are all on offer at “name your price” – if you like what you hear though, I recommend you give the bands some money, whatever you can afford, and/or pick up some merch while you’re there!

After all, if we don’t support them… who will?



Iron Thrones

Let’s kick things off with a band who have been one of my favourites for a long time now. Progressive Death Metallers Iron Thrones are, unfortunately, sadly no more, but their two releases, 2009’s Visions of Light and 2010’s The Wretched Sun, are both utterly fantastic from top to bottom, and both available right now from their Bandcamp page.








Fever Sea

Blackened Post-/Prog Metal collective Fever Sea have been very quiet for the last few years, but last month came the first rumblings from the depths that… something… may be afoot.

While we wait, however, we can all enjoy both their EPs, 2014’s Fever Sea, and 2012’s The Deluge.









My favourite EP – in fact one of my favourite releases in general – of 2015, this one still gets major play, and is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of dark, atmosphere-heavy Death Metal.








Dying Sun

Maryland’s own Dying Sun were the subject of the 73rd edition of The Synn Report last year, and their brand of immersive, cinematic Post Metal remains as powerful and impressive as ever even now.

All three of their releases, 5125, 12212010 (my personal favourite), and Transcendence, are available from bandcamp now, and are all well worth getting hold of.









Yes, I mentioned this Spanish band on Saturday, but considering how much I absolutely love their music – particularly their second album, Idols – I felt honour-bound to include them here.

So if you’re a fan of Decapitated/Immolation style Death Metal, with a heavy (and I do mean heavy) emphasis on punishing riffage, grab a copy of both Idols and Nec Spe Nec Metu as soon as you can.









German Prog-Death that doesn’t skimp on the riffs, hooks, or complex, labyrinthine song structures, I’ve been meaning to recommend OdeToSun on here for quite some time now, but never seemed to find the right opportunity to do so.

Definitely one for fans of “classic”, harsh-vocal era Opeth, Edge of Sanity, etc.








Oak Pantheon

Progressive Black Metal maestros Oak Pantheon have been “NCS-approved” ever since the release of their debut album, From A Whisper… and since that album is currently available for free/name your price download on their bandcamp page, you have no excuse not to check out what all the fuss has been about!








Dormant Ordeal

More riffs than a very riffy thing – We Had It Coming was one of my most listened to albums of last year, and still maintains a strong position in my regular listening rotation.

Get it now while you still can.









A nice little blast of cutting-edge, progressive Italian Tech Death here, all twisted riffs and rifftastic twists, that should satisfy the tastebuds of even the most discerning tech-head.








Thus Defiled

And last, but by no means least, Thus Defiled have announced that their work on this mortal plane is finally complete… but aren’t leaving us empty-handed.

No, they’re signing off their career with this free-to-download EP, A Return To The Shadows, which features one new track, and four brand new covers.

And all they’re asking in return is that you make a donation to SweetRelief.org in tribute to the late lamented Chuck Schuldiner.

So not only do you get some killer tunes, but you also get the opportunity to do a little good in this world.



  19 Responses to “PAY WHAT THOU WILL”

  1. Cheers, and happy one-year-closer-to-the-grave day.
    Guess what, I actually have a few presents up my sleeve. Or rather: a tie and a pair of socks just laying around.
    And rather than going into details, check out these pay-what-thou-wilt labels:

    Hypnotic Dirge Records

    Floyderian mentioned Ukrainian funeral doomsters Vin de Mia Trix in the comment section of your “Make Metal Great Again” post. Turns out to be recommendable. Also, there’s Obitus, Subterranean Disposition and many more.

    Black Lion Productions

    Recommendations: Legacy Of Emptiness, Frowning, Temple of Demigod and an EP by Desolator.
    (Also, everyone already should know Hyperion and Mist of Misery by now)

  2. Happy Birthday Andy! Those fuckers come faster every year.

  3. Some great shit right here. Iron Thrones reminds me of another sadly lost band: Orwell. Their last album, AVOFASIH, is also “name your price” and super great: https://orwellus.bandcamp.com/. The bands share a member.

    • Checking them out as soon as I get chance. But… which member do they share? I honestly couldn’t work that one out.

      (FYI – the frontman of Iron Thrones is now the frontman for Skeletonwitch and Wolvhammer)

      • Huh… I can’t work it out either. I think maybe I was confused. According to a Metalsucks article from around the release of the Orwell album, it was produced by Steven Henningsgard of Iron Thrones. That might be the extent of it.

        Well, the album is good either way.

  4. Wow rad! Only one of these I already had is Dormant Ordeal.
    Looking forward to checking all this out.
    I will add the awesome Progressive Blackened Tech Death of the mighty Slugdge!


    • One day… one day… I’ll actually listen to some Slugdge. Somehow I still haven’t heard a single track.

      If you like Dormant Ordeal though, then you’ll definitely love “Idols” by Neter. I frequently jam that and “We Had It Coming” back to back.

      • You’re missing out on Slugdge. Join in the worship of Mollusca!

        I took your recommendations to heart concerning Neter and Dormant Ordeal long ago – both are fantastic.

        Synodik and OdetoSun both sound really interesting…

      • Good looking out on that Neter – it definitely fits the Polish vibe, though I get whiffs of Nile in it too. Great stuff.

      • Will do on the Neter, haven’t made it that far yet. Definitely get on Sludge, it’s super fun stuff!

  5. Huge fan of the earlier eps:


    • oh, and congrats for completing another tour around the sun, of course (gettin’ dizzy already?) !!!

  6. I listen to that Dormant Ordeal disc a ton, do not pass on that one. It’s so goddamned good.

  7. Thanks for the recs! The only one I had previously heard was Dormant Ordeal and it sounds the rest are equally high quality goodness! This will make my birthday, in a few days, just a little heavier! And when I once again have something productive to add to this world, I will be sending these bands some cash.

  8. Absolute Stellar stuff here! Amazing. Thank You. Barus, Fever Sun, Dormant Ordeal, and Neter are playing relentlessly!

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