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Malemort was born in Rouen, France, in the month of August 2015, with a line-up of experienced musicians from the French underground whose other bands you would know of (including but not limited to Ataraxie, Mhönos, and Sordide). A year later the band recorded a debut album that will be released by Prison Tatt Records in time for a release show in Paris on the night of Wednesday, August 16th. The album’s name is Individualism, Narcissism, Hedonism.

The album consists of four tracks and about 50 minutes of total music. Today we have the good fortune of premiering one of those four powerful songs, which happens to be the one that brings the album to a close: “State of Collapse“.



State of Collapse” is a twelve-and-a-half-minute doom monolith that earns the title it bears, a vast and stunningly heavy crusher that brings to mind visions of humankind’s most vaunted creations disintegrating into mountainous piles of smoking rubble.

The ponderous, earth-shaking riff that launches the song heaves and lurches with the weight of catastrophe on its back, leaving an oozing trail of decay and despondency in its wake. Wrenching shrieks and spectral guitar leads pierce this harrowing march, and as the song moves forward like a titanic juggernaut its destructiveness intensifies, the lead guitar vibrating like a ferocious and fearsome poltergeist and the mammoth drum strikes and bass notes becoming more animated and even more purposefully bone-breaking.

As a display of raw power and cold atmosphere, the song is a staggering success. And despite its soul-shaking and venomous effects, and notwithstanding its demented and disorienting aspects, it becomes a mesmerizing experience.

In the space of one song, Malemort have made their name one to watch, and this titanic album one to anticipate with enthusiasm.


Derelictus – Bass & vocals
Ausrah – Guitars & vocals
Nemri – Drums & vocals

Instrumental tracks for the album were recorded live at Postghost Studio last August, and the voices were recorded last September near Rouen. The album was mastered by Stephan Krieger (Monarch, Endless Floods). The band’s logo was created by Julien Payan.

For more info about this release and how to acquire it, watch these spaces:

Prison Tatt:


I – Worthless Breed
II – The Dream is Over
III – A Rejected Taint
IV – State of Collapse


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