Aug 042017


If you don’t know (and I certainly didn’t), exocytosis is a process by which cells expel certain molecular substances outside the cell membrane and into the extracellular environment. Exocytosis is also the name chosen by a band of miscreants from Höör, Sweden, as the vehicle by which they expel their own twisted conceptions into the auditory canals of unsuspecting and ill-prepared listeners.

The band’s new EP is named Endogenous Organism. It will be excreted into the world on August 25, and we are aiding in the transmission of the disease through a premiere of the EP’s opening track, a mad piece called “A Laborious Digestion (Morsel 1)“.



In our correspondence with the band, they professed themselves to be “humble disciples of Pan.Thy.Monium, though we probably have strayed a bit far from the path paved by Mr. Dan Swanö“. Wayward or not, disciples of Pan.Thy.Monium are welcome in our house. This EP is welcome, too, though it threatens to leave our house in a shambles.

Strange bubbling and queasy liquid noises and the bleat of a saxophone provide the introduction to the song we’re premiering, soon joined by dissonant guitar notes and a little percussive rhythm… and then, basically, everything goes crazy.

With the words voiced in a scary growl, the musicians engage in eruptions of freakishness — bursts of discordance, twisted guitar leads, rollicking, frenetic drum and bass work, all operating to flip the listener’s mind upside down and sideways.

In between these bouts of dementia, the band pull things back on course… sort of… because even these course corrections consist of an off-kilter rhythm and dissonant notes that peal like a warped kazoo. A head-snapping riff does emerge, along with an attention-grabbing sax solo, and by the end you realize that what you heard wasn’t chaos after all, because the song sticks with you.

These are clever and creative gents, and their inventiveness and instrumental skill make for a very appealing (and also disturbing) listen.


And with that introduction, I leave you with the band’s own introduction, followed by the music. For info about how to acquire the EP, check the Bandcamp and Facebook links below.

Exocytosis is not your average multicellular specimen.

It does not pulse in unison with the surrounding tissue, nor respond to underwhelming stimuli. It is an aberration, a mutation of dubious utility which is alluring to few and disturbing to many. It is a curious cultural appendage and, when severed, survival of the host would be most decidedly improved.

Creeping rot, decay and filth are encoded into its lopsided DNA, poorly translated from time out in the warping radiation of the sun, corrupting the naked city of nucleic acids hidden beneath a thin sheet of melanin.

If the nauseating condition of listening persists longer than 25 mintues, take five and call your medical examiner in the morning, who will need to administer ravenous medicine to return you from the edge of sanity.




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