Aug 182017


Death is deathless, in Japan as in most places. I’m referring to death metal in particular, and even more particularly to the Japanese death metal band Necrophile, whose music we’re premiering today.

The band’s origin story takes us back to 1987, which certainly qualifies them as one of the first Japanese death metal bands. They recorded two demo tapes in 1988 and 1989 ( The Terminal Derangement and Beyond the Truth) and then produced two further releases in 1991, the Dissociated Modernity and a split LP with Singapore’s Abhorer. And then, as happened to so many extreme metal bands from those formative years, they drifted away — but not forever.



In 2012 the band reunited and began playing gigs again, and eventually new music appeared on the Grind Bastards #8 compilation and a split LP with Necrorite, both released in 2014. But the big news for today is that they have recorded a debut album that will be released by Unholy Prophecies on September 16, roughly 30 years after the band’s creation, with a line-up that includes current and former members of such cult bands as Anatomia, Multiplex, Messiah Death, Wormridden, and Transgressor. Its title is Awakening Those Oppressed.

One track from the new album (“Hysteria Siberiana“) has already appeared, and it’s a real killer. And so is the one we’re bringing you today — “Irrepressible Discharge“.


As you’ll discover from these two songs, Necrophile discharge death metal interwoven with thrash and grind. “Irrepressible Discharge” is a barrage of deep, grinding, corrosive riffs, huge thrumming bass notes, and battering drumwork, with vocals that sound like the enraged bark of a rabid mastiff. And as you’ll also discover, Necrophile are a dynamic group of demons, pulling off rapid changes in tempo, segueing here into a nail-gunning thrash rhythm. This is controlled chaos, and bloody chaos is what you’d expect to witness in the pit when this song is played live.

We’ve included a stream of “Hysteria Siberiana” below as well. In a nutshell, it’s a massive headbanger. Driven at first by the pulse of a hammering rhythm, it also changes pace, dropping down into a megalithic lumbering gait and then ramping up again into a body-bruising chug with a dark, brooding atmosphere and a queasy, slithering, flesh-melting solo, and the band end this lethal, electrifying track in a galloping rampage.

Really good stuff… and very tempting teasers for the new album.






  1. I love both tracks, killer old school death metal! 😀

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