Sep 182017


War Is the Father and King of All” — so proclaims the Greek death metal band War Possession in the song we’re premiering today. Look around you, look into the sordid past of our species. We might wish it were otherwise, but it’s hard to argue with them. It’s also hard to argue with the visceral appeal of their music.

This new song is one of 10 tracks on Doomed To Chaos, the debut album of this band of slaughtering commandos, whose ranks include current and past members of Embrace of Thorns, Merciless Crucifixion, and Wargoat, among others. The album will be released on October 23 by the Spanish label Memento Mori.



Less a celebration of war and more a summoning of its viciousness, butchery, and the adrenaline surge produced by violence and fear, this new song is undeniably electrifying. It buzzes in a blizzard of cold-blooded riffs and unhinged leads, over which the vocalist vents his fury in tyrannical roars (and toxic gagging sounds).

War Possession blend that cacophonous chaos with pile-driving thunder — deep, hammering bass blows and pummeling drum strikes — and in the final minute the band unite in executing a groove that’s a titanic headbanger… before the fury of war resumes.

That which war doesn’t destroy it leaves maimed in body and soul, and so it’s fitting that War Possession include a swirling guitar solo in the song with a bereaved, moaning, and wailing quality in its ghostly melody.

This is the second song that has debuted from the album so far, and the first one is just as compelling. With a ponderous and stately beginning, “Operation Neptune” soon hurtles forward, driven by blasting drums and deep, grinding, viper-like riffs, and as it moves it becomes increasingly ripping and mercilessly grim. When the pace slows again, the sound becomes even more dismal and diseased, and the listener is drawn into a slow descent beneath the waves in the coil of a black whirlpool.


The advance press for the album includes references to Bolt Thrower, Demigod, Treblinka/Tiamat, Incantation, Therion, Archgoat, Imprecation, and Asphyx. The artwork was created by Fendieart. Look for pre-order info via the links below… and then check out both of the new songs below.

War Possession:

Memento Mori:



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