Sep 222017


There’s nothing clean or pure about Sacroscum. Not their name, not their outlook on life, and definitely not their music. They revel in deviltry and filth. And even though they don’t know you, they’d probably be happy to read your obituary, as long as the cause were listed as alcohol poisoning.

Listening to the music won’t make you feel clean either. More likely, it will make you feel violated. But goddamn, it sure is a hell of a lot of vicious, desecrating fun. Take “Skin Canvas” as an example.



This piece of aural defilement proceeds in stages. At the outset, it’s a dose of virally infectious black thrashing riffs and head-battering drum rhythms. The music rips, but no more so than the vocals, which are an acrid, snarling spray of bile and invective (they become even more homicidally deranged later on). And then Sacroscum really kick the music into high gear in a blaze of speed metal that’s got an even more poisonous vibe than what came before it.

But the real filth comes when the music slows into a lurching stomp and the guitarist milks his axe to get it glistening with venom. An utterly foul experience right there, capped by another rush of pure racing intensity.


Sacroscum are a German duo, and they really are very good at what they’re doing. They get the reptile part of your brain salivating and straining at the leash. And there’s a lot more where “Skin Canvas” comes from (41 minutes in total) on the band’s debut album, Drugs & Death, which will be released by Unholy Prophecies on October 28.

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  1. That was very nice. Punk-infused black metal.

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