Nov 152017


Three years after their debut album, Aura of Suffering, and two years after their split with the Russian band Drama, the Finnish black metal band Perdition Winds are triumphantly returning with a new album named Transcendent Emptiness. It will be released by Hellthrasher Productions on December 8th, and today we present the second advance track from the album, “Saints of the Deathfields“.

Perdition Winds is a talented collective whose line-up includes members of Desolate Shrine, Sargeist, Lie in Ruins, and Corpsessed, among others, and this new album also includes the work of a new vocalist, J.I. (Grave Violator).



I’ll warn you that the song you’re about to hear is irresistibly infectious, thanks largely to a grim buzzing riff and a rising and falling lead that seem to glide through the song like ghosts. These facets of the song aren’t complicated, but they’re ingenious. What’s equally ingenious is the way in which the band join together an atmosphere of unearthly threat and desolate bleakness with a powerful physical impact.

Stately in his pacing at first, the drummer soon begins to pummel, with that surging energy punctuated by the boom of tom drums that go off like echoing thunder. The drumming becomes even more frantic, the riffing more boiling and savage, with J.I.’s harsh growls and terrifying shrieks amplifying the music’s ferocity. Yet even when the drummer hits a rocking groove, the wailing and slithering lead guitar preserves the song’s supernatural atmosphere, and in time the melody becomes more grand and panoramic (though no less bleak). The song’s finale is particularly electrifying, fueled by an extended solo that’s fiery as hell, and kind of deranged as well.

It’s a classic example of a song that succeeds on multiple levels, and one you’ll probably feel compelled to hear again as soon as it ends.


Transcendent Emptiness was mixed and mastered by Henri Sorvali (Moonsorrow) at Trollhouse Audio. It will be released by Hellthrasher on CD, LP, and digital formats, and you can pre-order it via the link below.

We’ve also included a stream of the first advance single from the album, “Impious Frontier“, along with our premiere of “Saints of the Deathfields“.


Perdition Winds:





  1. very nice. “saints of the deathfields” was particularly good.

  2. Oh, yeah. I’m awake now.

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