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Bestialord have already chosen their name, but if they hadn’t, I would have suggested Riff Lord (it seems that “Rifflord” has already been taken). Seriously, if you don’t want to severely strain your levator scapulae, I’d recommend you give them a good limbering up before listening to this new Bestialord song from their debut album, Law of the Burning, because headbanging is pretty much compulsory.

But there’s also some logic in the name this trio did choose for themselves, because their brand of occult horror doom also sounds like it was concocted in the infernal lair of a bestial demon overlord.



Bestialord was formed roughly a year ago in Wichita, Kansas, by two members of Sanctus InfernumMark Anderson (ex-Manilla Road) and Chris Johnson — who were soon joined by bassist Rob Harris. This first album was recorded earlier this year and will be jointly released on New Year’s Day, 2018, by Symbol of Domination and Cimmerian Shade.

The song we bring you today through a lyric video is “Vermin“. It seems to tell the tale of a vicious and remorseless judgment being passed upon some doomed soul by a supernatural narrator.

The mid-paced music has a primitive and primal power that draws not only from the song’s ominous and brutish (and highly infectious) riffing but also from the kind of drum tone that makes the snare cracks feel like spontaneous skull fractures and the bass booms resonate in your lower intestines, and the vocalist’s craggy growls sound just as savage and heartless as the words he’s proclaiming.

As suggested earlier, the song also has a supernatural atmosphere, thanks to the eerie, spectral reverberations of the lead guitar and the freakish sound of the solo that rears its horned head in the song’s back half.


Law of the Burning is recommended for fans of Celtic Frost, Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Acid Witch, The Obsessed, and early Samael. It features album art by Erskine Designs.

The track list and pre-order links follow, along with our premiere of “Vermin” and streams of two other previously released singles, the title track (a free download at Bandcamp) and “The Doom That Came“.

01. The Doom That Came
02. Vermin
03. All Fall Down
04. Law Of The Burning
05. Marduk Kurios
06. I Am Pain
07. Loathed Be Thy Name
08. Above The Vaulted Sky
09. What Is The End
Length – 40:15







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