Dec 142017


Last month we had the pleasure of premiering a full stream of This Fall Shall Cease, the debut full-length by the Belgian doom/sludge band Lethvm, in advance of its November 24 release by Deadlight Entertainment (and other labels). Today we have a reminder about the power of that album through our premiere of an official video for a track named “The Last Grave“.

The review that accompanied our premiere stream of the album included these words, relevant to the video you’re about to see and hear:



The flow of the album creates an immersive experience, the power and intensity ebbing and flowing but never relenting, never providing shelter from the gloom, only changing the forms in which the band have shaped their hopeless soundscapes. And so “Wandering At Dawn” moves right into the slow, desolate, dirge-like opening of “The Last Grave”. With the spectral, siren-like ring of the guitars providing a bridge, strident clean voices enter the frame, forming a prelude to a pitch-black slow-motion avalanche of skull-cracking drumwork and tension-ratcheting melody, those clean voices soaring toward a crescendo of grief.

The video, directed by Antoine De Schuyter, is a fine match for the music. Stripped of color, it displays desolate panoramic vistas of ancient, barren landscapes and ominous forests, as well as the flickering, surreal images of a woman shrouded in black.

The song itself is an enthralling, disturbing, and hallucinatory experience, with a core of primal (and primeval) power, and the video does a very effective job tapping into those elements of the music.


Like this song, the album as a whole is also very much worth your time and attention. You can stream it here, and order it via the links below.

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